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Introducing a selection of our satisfied members

"I joined Bodycare after looking in the mirror one day and not liking what I saw. I joined initially to lose weight and get fit and I’ve been a member for a year now. I really like the people that attend and I actually enjoy working hard to become fitter. I love the banter too! I would recommend the club to everyone!"


Andy Bodycare member
Ann and Rob Bodycare members

"We really benefit from having someone tell us how to do the exercises. We couldn’t do it on our own. The personal training is vital for us. We could not motivate ourselves as you would have to at other clubs – there are many times during some exercises we would just stop but not at Bodycare!"

Ann and Rob

Fitness coaching in progress


Claire Bodycare member

"Following treatment for breast cancer my fitness was at an all time low. My brother, who is also a member, suggested I join, as I was desperate to resume skiing, which I love.  Since joining I feel I look better, have more energy and most importantly I’ve been able to ski again with confidence! I come 3 times a week and really look forward to it – the atmosphere is very welcoming. I am happier, have more energy and am much fitter that ever before. My husband is a member, it’s a really friendly place and all of the staff are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I have exceeded the original goals I set for myself and find that I can push myself more than I thought possible. I recently bought a bike and with the improvements in my fitness I continue to make at Bodycare I am fast becoming a fan of cycling! My body shape has improved and I find it much easier to maintain a healthy weight without giving up any of life’s pleasures!"


Darren Bodycare member

"We’d like to congratulate Darren on all that he has achieved since being a member at Bodycare. Darren has trained twice a week every week for just over a year and the improvement in his fitness levels are fantastic. He is committed and willing to push himself. One of Darren’s biggest achievements was to break the 7 minute mile barrier, he worked consistently hard towards this goal and it’s fantastic to see him join the illustrious club! Your attitude is commendable and it’s great to see how exercise has improved not only your fitness but also your overall well being. Darren, we salute you! Get ready for the next challenge!"


Joe Bodycare member

"I joined Bodycare with my Dad over 15 years ago. I have always taken a keen interest in keeping in shape and I have found that whatever my fitness goals have been over the years I have continued to achieve them at Bodycare. The personal training is something that has been an important part of my work outs – even now when I’m training for an Ironman Triathlon and rely on myself for a lot of the commitment and hard work - it’s good to know that I have the support, encouragement and knowledge of the trainers behind me. There’s lots of banter and the its really friendly. It’s a great place to train!"


Linda Bodycare member

"I joined Bodycare eight months ago to assist in the recovery of a broken wrist and injured shoulder and to increase general fitness. I am 100% fitter than before – I feel better about and within myself....I’m healthier and more confident in what I can achieve. I enjoy the atmosphere within the club and the attitude of the staff and the other members is second to none. We are all encouraged to work to the best of our ability and given support to ensure we all achieve our goals."


Sarah Bodycare member

I’ve been a member for 9 months. I joined because I wanted to lose weight and improve my fitness. I had put on a lot of weight and tried various diets and gyms but had never found the right combination that worked for me. My self esteem was low, I was embarrassed by how I had let myself go. Since being a member I have achieved my initial goal of losing 3 stone – it has improved my confidence, pride in myself and also my personal life. I still have a way to go to reach my ultimate goal but I know I will with the support and guidance from the team at Bodycare. The people at the club are friendly and inspiring, I have felt motivated and challenged by my trainer (Nicola) who has helped me to achieve goals we have been setting along the way. The sessions are hard but we always manage to have a laugh as well which is good! I can honestly say I am proud of my achievements and I think the Bodycare team have great drive and personality!


Wendy Bodycare member

"What I like most about the club is the friendliness of the staff and their commitment to get me in shape. I’m really pleased with how my body shape has changed & how toned I now am, for me it’s a complete de-stressor."


Yvonne and John Bodycare members

"What we like most about the club is the fact that it’s friendly and unpretentious. The staff are great and always encouraging – giving a more personal edge to the training. We are both fitter. I learnt to ride a bike last summer after encouragement from the staff and manage to keep my weight static without the need to sacrifice life’s pleasures! John has dropped a waist size and his golf is more consistent (always winning the money from his partners!) Exercising at Bodycare makes working out a pleasure."

Yvonne and John

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