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Our 6-week healthy eating plan is not a “diet”. It’s not about counting calories. It’s not about super low-fat miracles. It’s not about forbidding you to eat “naughty” foods. It’s not a short-term fix. It’s not complex, nor difficult, nor a trendy new concept.


Our healthy eating plan is simply designed to get you thinking about what you’re eating and why. Ultimately we are aiming to change your relationship with food and encourage you to start eating in a healthy way that you can sustain FOREVER! It's not scary but it really is the only way that you're going to lose weight, keep it off and get good nutrition essential for your body’s needs.


Dedicated member help and encouragement

Improving your eating habits and diet, whether it's to lose/gain weight, enhance well-being and health or boost energy levels, is pretty simple – but that’s not to say it’s easy! Healthy eating, weight loss and exercise all go hand-in-hand – great news that at Bodycare you're already in the right place for the exercise part of the equation! We have proven success in getting you fit and in shape too!


We are here to help you, every step of the way – it’s not easy to do it on your own. We will take control of monitoring your healthy eating and weight loss programme with weekly “weigh-in’s” and food diary assessments. We will encourage and advise you and do all that we can to help you achieve your desired results. Mini targets will be set along the way to keep you on the right track towards your ultimate goal.


There is one thing that will determine how successful you are and that is... ''How Committed Are You?'' It’s all about choices – you have got to really want to do this – that’s the only bit we can’t help you with! If you really want to lose weight – we really want to help you!


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The Bodycare 6-week healthy eating plan

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