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"I joined Bodycare after looking in the mirror one day and not liking what I saw. I joined initially to lose weight and get fit and I’ve been a member for a year now. I really like the people that attend and I actually enjoy...

Nicola Smith and Joanna Stokes have owned and managed Bodycare for over 13 years – since its inception over 30 years ago. Having been involved with the club for over 20 years they are both keen to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for healthy living and fitness with every member.


With their team of experienced Personal Trainers, Bodycare is committed to helping its members achieve great results in an atmosphere that is welcoming to all.


The club is unique – member’s needs are met and we listen to what our members WANT and go the extra mile in helping YOU achieve results. Whatever your age, size or fitness level, Bodycare can help you to reach your goals. With guaranteed RESULTS, why not experience Bodycare for yourself?


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